Minneapolis Changes 'Columbus Day' To 'Indigenous People's Day'

April 26, 2014

It's been debated for years, but now the city of Minneapolis has decided to change from celebrating Columbus Day to observing Indigenous People's Day instead.

Indigenous People Day

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1937, though not all states observe it, including Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and South Dakota.

The day has long been a hot button issue over whether it is offensive to the American Indian culture to credit Christopher Columbus with the discovery of America.

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to approve the proposal to rename the day Indigenous People's Day.

The designation would be observed on all city communications.

Kate Brickman, spokesperson for Mayor Betsy Hodges, sent this statement on the mayor's behalf:

This act recognizes and celebrates the native people who still live on this land. I am honored to have signed the resolution this morning, as I promised I would during my campaign, recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day and honoring the history, culture, and resiliency of the people who originally inhabited our country and our city. I am grateful to the community for organizing to make this a reality and am looking forward to the even stronger relationships we will build moving forward.

If you still think Christopher Columbus should be celebrated, you need to read this.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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