Found Unconscious And Nearly Frozen To Death, This Calgary Woman's Rescue Was Truly A Miracle

April 9, 2014

John and Ernestine Newman of Chestermere witnessed a miracle after their daughter, Christina, spent seven hours trapped in a tree well.

Photo: Calgary Sun

The 24 year-old is recovering from hypothermia in a Vancouver hospital after an intense rescue involving a group of strangers performing CPR on her for 4 hours.

When rescuers arrived, she was unconscious with a body temperature of 64F (the average for a human is 98.6F). They warmed her using a sleeping bag, reflective blanket, and hand warmers until more help arrived.

"We are so grateful to God first and then to all of these wonderful people who sacrificed everything they had to save her life," Ernestine said. "Every single person in this group brought something to the table that helped our daughter survive."

She added, "When she woke up, she said ‘God wouldn't let me die.

It's a story of teamwork, it's a story of the right people at the right time because we believe God put them there to save our daughter."

Source: Calgary Sun

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