A Few Deer Were Stranded On An Icy Lake For Days... This Is A Father-Son Rescue Mission Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

February 23, 2014

James saw a Facebook post about some deer stuck out on the ice in the middle of Albert Lea Lake. He and his dad decided to take matters into their own hands... they broke out the hovercraft and headed to the lake.

deer rescued on lake ice
GoPro Video Screenshot

It's a father-son rescue mission unlike anything you've ever seen.

deer rescued on ice
GoPro Video Screenshot

After gently tying each one to the craft, they gave the deer a ride to shore.

rescue deer on ice
GoPro Video Screenshot

The deer were out there for days, completely exhausted.

father son rescue deer
GoPro Video Screenshot

James and his father saved three deer on this day. After some rest, each deer returned to the forest.

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