A Baby Deer Was Drowning In A Flood. What This Young Man Did Is Incredible

February 9, 2014

A brave boy fearlessly risked his own life and showed astonishing bravery to save a helpless baby deer from drowning in the flooding waters near Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Without hesitation, Belal plunged through the surging river to save the baby.

boy saves deer

Onlookers were nervous the boy wouldn't make it across.

boy saves deer

He held the baby above the water's surface while he was still under.

boy saves deer

boy saves deer

Thankfully, he made it to the other side of the river.

boy saves deer

The little deer lives to see another day thanks to Belal's bravery.

boy saves deer

The locals cheered as the deer was reunited with its family watching closely in the distance.

deer reunited

Thanks to wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab who captured the brave act while visiting on a photography trip.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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