Postal Worker Saves The Day For Camp-Attending Child

July 5, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

A Canada Post worker went above and beyond to ensure a young girl's message reached her grandmother.

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Credit: @ACookeHFX on X

Twelve-year-old Daya Modayur, attending a camp at the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning in Dartmouth, N.S., created a postcard for her grandmother but accidentally forgot to stamp it.

"I completely forgot to put the stamp on when I was taking it out," Daya told Global News. She explained that she wanted to send the postcard to return the favor after her grandmother had sent her several letters while on a road trip.

Noticing the missing stamp, a camp counselor quickly devised a plan. They wrote a note and attached it to a nearby Canada Post mailbox.

The note read: "Dear postal worker, at our summer camp we made postcards and one person sent one to their grandma without a stamp. If you find it, can you please return it to the MacPhee Centre or use the stamp on the back of this page? We would really appreciate it."

The plea did not go unanswered. Shortly after, a response appeared on the same note. “Found it and stamped it. Have a great day!” read the message from an unidentified Canada Post worker.

Global News later identified the postal employee as Christine Fong, a dedicated delivery agent with Canada Post. Fong revealed that she meticulously searched through every envelope until she found Daya's postcard.

"When I read that a child had sent a postcard from a day camp to their grandmother with no postage, obviously, the first thing I thought when I opened it was to find this missing piece of letter mail," she explained.

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