Minnesota Woman And Her Sunfish Friend Celebrate 9 Summers Together

July 4, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Lakeville, Minnesota.

In a heartwarming tale of unexpected friendship, Holly Jorgensen from Minnesota is making headlines for her unique bond with a green sunfish she affectionately calls Greenie.

This summer marks their ninth season together, highlighting a remarkable relationship that has captured the hearts of many.

woman and sunfish news story

Holly, who resides by a picturesque lake, first encountered Greenie nearly a decade ago. She wasn't seeking companionship when she noticed the small sunfish near her dock, but their connection was instantaneous.

"He looked at me like I've never had a fish look at me," Holly shared with KARE11.

From that moment, a daily ritual began. Holly walks down to her dock every day to hand-feed Greenie treats like worms. Remarkably, Greenie seems to recognize her, waiting at the dock for her arrival and even following her around as she swims.

"Why he in particular recognizes me and looks at me the way he does and follows me around, I don't know. But it's wonderful," Holly says.

Holly is currently writing a book about their adventures titled, "Greenie & the Girl: An Enchanted Fish Memoir for All Generations."

Watch the local news video below.

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