Seniors On Weekly Outing Surprised By Stranger's Kindness

June 8, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Ontario, Canada.

A good Samaritan recently brightened the day for a group of seniors on an outing to a local restaurant by leaving $100 with the wait staff to help cover their bill.

act of kindness good news

Last week, a small group of residents from Extendicare Mapleview, accompanied by Recreation Department staff and family members, went on their weekly excursion, said Victoria Grandinetti, activity aide at the long-term care home.

"These outings are a chance for residents to engage with the community," Grandinetti explained to Village Report. These trips often include visits to the mall or local restaurants. On this particular day, the group took the ParaBus to have lunch at the Husky House Restaurant on Trunk Road.

The seniors, most of whom are on fixed incomes, usually pay for their meals themselves or have the cost covered by a family member. However, this outing took an unexpected turn when it came time to pay.

"When we asked for our bills, the waitress informed us that a gentleman who had been sitting nearby left $100 to contribute towards the residents' meals," Grandinetti said. "The waitress was delighted to share the news, and the residents were thrilled."

The anonymous donation significantly reduced the cost of the outing for the residents.

"He had already left, so we couldn't thank him in person, but the residents were overjoyed and astonished by his generosity," Grandinetti said.

"It was incredibly respectful and kind," added Wanda McQueen, program manager for Extendicare Mapleview. "We just want to express our heartfelt thanks."

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