Preschool Teacher Becomes Lifesaver For Former Student

June 3, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Alden, New York.

In a remarkable act of kindness and selflessness, a preschool teacher has donated a portion of her liver to save the life of her former student, Ezra Toczek.

The young boy, who suffered liver damage at birth, had been facing ongoing health challenges that culminated in a recent diagnosis of end-stage liver disease.

teacher donates liver to student
Miss Carissa and Ezra / Credit: Karen Thorpe Toczek

Ezra, one of eight children in the Toczek family, was adopted when he was just six months old.

"When we were first called about this precious boy, the very little information given included the statement, '…he'll probably need a liver transplant within the year.' We said yes to him, not knowing how long he'd stay," his mother Karen Toczek shared.

In January, Ezra and Karen traveled to New York City where doctors confirmed he was in desperate need of a liver transplant. By February, Ezra was approved to be placed on the transplant list. Unbeknownst to the family, Carissa Fisher, Ezra's former preschool teacher, had learned of his condition in March and immediately took action.

teacher donates liver to student
Ezra / Credit: Karen Thorpe Toczek

Without informing Ezra's family, Fisher applied to become a living donor. Over the weekend, she revealed her plan in a heartwarming surprise, bringing a stuffed animal, balloons, and a special sign that read, "Would you like to share my liver?"

"We were overwhelmed with emotion," said Karen.

Fisher, reflecting on the moment, told WKBW, "You never know whose life you are going to be changing. It was emotional. It made me very happy to see both of them happy."

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