'You Need A Hug?': Deputy Reunites Lost Little Girl with Her Mother

May 27, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

In a heartwarming rescue on Indian Rocks Beach, a Pinellas County deputy played a pivotal role in reuniting a lost little girl with her distraught mother.

police rescue missing child
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

The sheriff's office released bodycam footage on Monday, capturing the emotional moments of the rescue. The video shows Deputy Moore responding to the call after the child's mother provided authorities with a description and a recent photo of her daughter. Upon locating the young girl, Deputy Moore gently approached her and inquired if she was alright.

"I miss my mommy. I miss her," the little girl responded, her voice filled with emotion.

"You need a hug?" Moore asked tenderly, comforting the child. "It's gonna be okay. Let's go get you to mom, alright?"

As the deputy escorted the young girl back to her mother, a crowd gathered around the deputies' vehicles, witnessing the poignant reunion. The bodycam footage captured the tearful moment when the girl's mother, overcome with relief, cried as she embraced her daughter.

Watch the bodycam video below.

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