Stranger Covers $112 Tab For Unclaimed Pizza Order At Local Shop

May 17, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Maumee, Ohio.

In a heartwarming act of kindness, a stranger stepped in to cover the cost of an unclaimed pizza order at PizzAroma, turning a frustrating situation into a tale of community spirit and generosity.

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The incident began when a woman called PizzAroma, ordering 16 pizzas worth over $100 for pick-up the next day. 'A lady called and placed an order for 16 pizzas to be picked up the next day. The next day came, and she called right before the order was to be ready. We told her it's in the oven, and then she never showed up," recalled Rocky Keefer, the manager. Unfortunately, the pizzas had to be discarded, leaving the small business with a significant loss.

"I can't see why someone would do that to anybody, let alone a small business," Keefer told WTVG, reflecting on the distress the incident caused.

Fast forward to this week, Keefer received another call for a large order. This time, the caller had an unexpected request – he wanted to pay for the 16 pizzas that were never picked up. Keefer was initially skeptical, fearing a repeat of the previous ordeal. However, when the man offered to pay over the phone, Keefer realized this was no scam.

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"I didn't believe it at first. I was thinking, 'Is someone trying to do it again?' He said he wanted to pay on the phone, so then I knew it was not a scam. People like that, there aren't many out there anymore. It was like an angel calling and saying I am going to help you out," Keefer shared.

The generous caller was Travis Truesdell, a fellow small business owner and army veteran, who had learned about PizzAroma's plight through social media. With a background in the pizza industry and a deep sense of gratitude for the help he had received during tough times, Truesdell felt compelled to lend a hand.

"I have a lot of gratitude for people who have helped me out in similar situations where I was in need and they helped me with no strings attached. I was happy to be in a place to pay it back," Truesdell said. "Any time you can right a wrong, when you have the ability or luxury, why not do it?"

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