'Medically, I Was Gone': Two High School Students Save Their Teacher's Life

May 8, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Detroit, Michigan.

Two Oak Park High School students are being hailed as heroes after saving their physical education teacher, Alfred Kattola, from cardiac arrest.

students save teacher good news
Alfred (left) / Isreal and Correy (right) / FOX 2 Detroit

The dramatic incident unfolded during a routine student-teacher basketball game when Kattola suddenly felt unwell before collapsing in the gym.

"Medically, I was gone," Kattola revealed to Fox 2 Detroit, reflecting on the terrifying moment.

Isreal DuBose and Correy Coleman, both juniors at Oak Park High, sprang into action without hesitation. Drawing on the CPR and first aid skills they had learned just months earlier in a health sciences class, the duo began administering life-saving measures.

"We thought we might use it at some point in our lives, but not that soon," Coleman said.

"We're sitting in the bleachers…I just knew I had to do something," DuBose said. "I began compressions and around two and a half rounds of compressions, the AED was brought and Correy placed the AED pads."

Their swift and decisive actions played a pivotal role in keeping their teacher alive.

Paramedics arrived promptly, and Kattola was rushed to a local hospital for further treatment. Miraculously, he returned to school the following week, thanks to the timely intervention of his students.

Kattola reunited with the girls to thank them for saving his life.

"I don't have too much to say other than I love you guys," he said. "What more can a teacher say?"

Watch the video below.

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