Cat Missing For 5 Years Found At Gas Station 1,200 Miles Away, Reunites With Owners

April 24, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Tucson, Arizona.

A lost Russian Blue cat named Luke has been reunited with his owners, Cindy and Jeff Hall, five years after he disappeared from their Tucson home.

missing cat 5 years reunion
Luke / Pawsitively Cats No-Kill Shelter

Twelve years ago, Cindy and Jeff Hall rescued Luke as a kitten from the Pawsitively Cats shelter. For seven years, Luke was a cherished member of their family until one fateful day when he slipped out and didn’t return. Despite their best efforts, which included searching their neighborhood and posting flyers, Luke remained missing for years. Eventually, the Halls moved to Nevada, never giving up hope but believing they might never see their beloved cat again.

However, fate had other plans. Last month, Pawsitively Cats received an unexpected phone call informing them that Luke had been found at a gas station in Brinkley, AR – over 1,200 miles away from his Tucson home. The shelter immediately contacted Cindy and Jeff with the incredible news that their long-lost cat was not only alive but had been found.

Coordinating Luke’s journey back home was no small feat. Alone 2 Home, a volunteer transportation group, stepped in to drive the 19-hour journey from Arkansas back to Tucson, ensuring Luke’s safe return to his original owners.

missing cat reunion story
The reunion / Pawsitively Cats No-Kill Shelter

Reflecting on Luke’s extraordinary journey, Pawsitively Cats took to social media to share their thoughts.

"Whew! If only Luke could tell us how he wound up so far from home, we're sure it would be a fabulous story," they wrote.

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