Neighborhood Celebrates Adored UPS Driver Who Retires After 42 Years

April 24, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Sunset Hills, Missouri.

After more than 40 years of dedicated service to the Sunset Hills Community, Ricky Woods, a beloved figure, bid farewell to his role with heartfelt celebrations from his community.

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Credit: KSDK News

On his penultimate day before retirement, Woods was greeted with an unexpected surprise as he arrived at his usual spot. The streets were lined with signs bearing warm messages, colorful balloons dotted the landscape, and a celebratory cake awaited him.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Woods expressed, "It was very emotional. I saw one sign and I was just like, 'What's going on?' Then I saw all the other signs and I saw a couple more with my name on it, and my heart is full."

Woods' impact on the community was profound. His acts of kindness and willingness to go the extra mile made him an irreplaceable part of Sunset Hills.

One neighbor fondly recalled an instance when Woods came to the rescue in a pinch.

"My middle daughter was in a panic after her dress didn't arrive for an important event. We reached out to Ricky, and without hesitation, he made a special trip to ensure she received her dress just in time," the neighbor shared.

Woods' caring nature extended beyond just people. He was known to strike up conversations with kids about their sports endeavors and always had a treat on hand for their furry friends.

In a heartfelt gesture to express their gratitude, the community came together to create a lasting memento for Woods. Neighbors pooled their resources to craft a plaque that reads, "In appreciation of your many years of dedicated service." 

Watch the video below.

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