Seven Good Samaritans Rescue Man Trapped In Burning Car On Interstate 94

April 22, 2024

Today's good news story comes from St. Paul, Minnesota.

A heart-stopping rescue unfolded on Interstate 94 when seven quick-thinking good Samaritans rushed to save a man trapped inside a burning vehicle. The dramatic rescue was captured on video by a bystander's dash cam, showcasing the heroic efforts of everyday heroes in the face of danger.

good samraitans save driver from burning car on interstate

Kadir Tolla, who was driving on I-94 to St. Paul to visit some clients, came across the harrowing scene. A Honda had veered off the road, collided with a light pole, and burst into flames. Tolla was among several courageous individuals who pulled over immediately and sprang into action to help.

The situation was dire as the driver was trapped inside the vehicle, with the door jammed against the guardrail and flames creeping closer by the second. Despite the intense heat and imminent danger, the good Samaritans worked frantically to break the glass and pull the driver to safety just in the nick of time.

"Right after we got him out, the fire started engulfing the car from the driver's side," Tolla recounted in an interview with Fox 9. "I'm relieved and grateful that we were able to get him out in time."

The entire heroic rescue was captured on multiple cameras installed in Tolla's car, providing a gripping visual account of the life-saving efforts of the good Samaritans. Authorities have confirmed that the driver, miraculously, did not suffer any serious injuries thanks to the swift actions of these brave individuals.

Watch the video below.

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