Paul Skenes Is Donating $100 To The Gary Sinise Foundation For Every Strikeout

March 29, 2024

A 23-year-old baseball phenom, fresh off his collegiate successes and now a key prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates, has announced a pledge that's sure to make a significant impact beyond the ballpark.

Paul Skenes recently took to social media platform X to share his inspiring initiative. He called upon fans, supporters, and fellow athletes to join him in supporting the Gary Sinise Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to serving and honoring America's veterans and first responders.

"Join me this season as I support the Gary Sinise Foundation in raising funds for our nation's veterans and first responders," Skenes wrote in his post.

"I am personally donating $100 for every strikeout I record this season. Please click the link in my bio to join my mission and make your donation!"

Skenes was a standout athlete during his college years and garnered national attention for his exceptional talent as a pitcher while representing both the Air Force and the LSU Tigers. His final year at LSU was nothing short of legendary, as he shattered records and earned accolades, including the National Pitcher of the Year award and the College World Series Most Outstanding Player title.

Setting a single-season school record for strikeouts with an astounding 209, Skenes proved his mettle not only as a player but also as a leader both on and off the field. Now, as a rising star in Major League Baseball, he's leveraging his platform for a cause greater than himself.

The announcement of Skenes' pledge has sparked widespread enthusiasm and support across the baseball community and beyond.

"H*ll yea Paul! Solid cause. I was already a huge fan before, but now even more so as a prior service Army vet. Let's see the K’s!!!!!!!" a commenter wrote.

"I love this as both a Pirates fan and a veteran. Gary Sinise foundation is one of the best out there," another user wrote.

As the baseball season kicks into high gear, all eyes will be on Skenes as he steps up to the mound, each strikeout representing not only a victory for his team but also a meaningful contribution to the well-being of those who have served and sacrificed for their country.

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