Restaurant's Quest For Mystery 'French Fry Girl' Ends In Heartwarming Discovery

March 28, 2024

It was the biggest mystery in the state of Oklahoma. A mystery that involves what sounded over the phone to be a preschooler who really wanted some "Fwench Fwies."

In late February, Noble Smokin' Joes BBQ in Oklahoma found itself bombarded with persistent calls from children, all with the same peculiar request: French fries delivered straight to their doorstep.

french fry girls
Emily, Miley, and Linda

Somer Williams, the restaurant owner, found herself at the center of an unexpected saga.

"It was last Monday when I picked up the phone at the restaurant," Williams recalled in an interview. "A voice that sounded like it came from a very young child asked me if she could have some French fries," she added. "I told her I was glad to help but needed to speak to an adult- the voice told me a parent was not close by."

Day after day, the calls persisted. Eventually, more young voices had joined the French Fry girl on the phone.

"Another girl said they would try to come to the restaurant, but their car was broken down- she said it would cost 15 dollars to repair," Williams said. "Suddenly they wanted two Fwench Fwies and two dwinks. One told me they were in pre-K and I said, 'No way' and they said, 'Yes, way'."

The continuous calls prompted Williams to take action. She turned to social media, hoping to unravel the mystery behind the mysterious callers.

"I posted on Facebook trying to figure out who was on the other end of the line," Williams explained. Little did she know, her posts would go viral, drawing attention from people across the globe who eagerly followed the unfolding story.

Determined to crack the case, Williams devised a clever plan to elicit information during the next call. "I’m going to give a French fry party to your school if I can talk to your mom," she declared to the persistent callers. However, the children remained elusive, with one even posing as a parent during the conversation.

Undeterred, Williams seized upon a crucial clue – the name of their dog, Beethoven. With this information in hand, she embarked on a mission, contacting nearby elementary schools in search of the French fry enthusiasts.

"When everyone heard about Beethoven, it was clear that this was a sure way to find them!" Williams exclaimed. The schools rallied behind the cause, making announcements over the intercom in a collective effort to solve the mystery.

"When everyone heard about Beethoven it was clear that this was a sure way to find them! One school made an all call over the intercom for anyone who owns a dog named Beethoven to come to the office. All the schools got really invested. I’m pretty sure all the kids did too in hopes the French fry kid was in their class so they could have the French fry party," Williams said.

Finally, the breakthrough came when Katherine I. Daily Elementary identified the hungry culprits: Emily, Miley, and Linda.

french fry girl
Williams (right) and the three mystery callers

On March 26, 2024, the much-anticipated French fry parties became a reality, as the trio of friends celebrated with their classmates, thanks to Williams' determination and the collaborative spirit of the community.

"It was really fun trying to find them," Williams confessed. "I did not know it would go so worldwide."

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