A First Grader Was Crying On Pajama Day. His Bus Driver Came To The Rescue

February 17, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Louisville, Kentucky.

A Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver went the extra mile to uplift the spirits of a first-grader who was feeling low on pajama day at school.

bus driver act of kindness
Larry and Levi | Jefferson County Public Schools

Normally, Levi greeted bus driver Larry Farrish Jr. with a cheerful smile and an enthusiastic wave, but that day was different. Levi was sitting alone with his head down, signaling to Farrish that something was wrong.

"I pulled up to the bus stop, and I saw Levi sitting down by himself with his head down, and it dawned on me, something is wrong," Farrish recounted. "He's always happy, but this particular day, he was not happy."

Farrish approached Levi and discovered the source of his distress – he didn't have pajamas for the school's designated "pajama day."

"It hurt me so bad," Farrish said. "That just wasn't my Levi, and I wanted him to have a good day. No child should have to miss out on something as small as pajama day."

After Farrish finished his morning bus run, he bought a few pairs of pajamas at a nearby Family Dollar, returned to the school, and asked the front office staff if they could call Levi down.

"I saw Levi coming down the hall, and he had a face just as happy as could be," Farrish said. "It really turned the whole Friday around, for him and for me."

bus driver good news
Jefferson County Public Schools

"When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry," Levi said.

Farrish began driving a bus about seven years ago, but the job quickly shifted into something more — a "passion" that allows him to make an impact. From playing rock-paper-scissors, to telling jokes, to perfecting special handshakes, Farrish said he loves connecting with students.

"They become my kids after they leave their parents," Farrish said. "I make sure they get to and from school safe, but I also try to bring some type of joy to their lives."

Farrish did not expect the immense response his generous act would garner. Appreciative parents and community members have been reaching out to him ever since his good deed was shared on social media.

"For people to actually be able to find me and reach out on behalf of such a small gesture, it made me cry," Farrish said. "It feels good knowing I made an impact on a child's life."

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