Land Conservation Triumph: $15 Million Investment Safeguards 8,000 Acres Of Alabama's Ecological Gem

February 13, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Clarke County, Alabama.

In a groundbreaking move for environmental conservation, The Nature Conservancy has successfully acquired 8,000 acres in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, a pristine expanse where the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers converge.

This particular area, known as the Mobile Delta’s 'Land Between the Rivers,' is an ecological treasure trove boasting creeks, rivers, ponds, and oxbow lakes that contribute to the Delta's recognition as the residence of the largest number of freshwater species in the United States.

Alabama amazon
The Nature Conservancy in Alabama

The significance of this acquisition extends beyond local borders, solidifying the Mobile Delta as one of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet. The Nature Conservancy in Alabama, through an ambitious $15 million+ deal, has successfully secured 7,990 acres in Clarke County at the head of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Mitch Reid, the state director for The Nature Conservancy in Alabama, expressed his excitement about this monumental conservation victory.

"This is one of the most important conservation victories that we’ve ever been a part of," Reid told "It's protected a vitally important complex of land, almost 8,000 acres, critically important to the health of the Mobile Delta and then, by extension, Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico."

The acquisition was made possible through a collaborative effort and generous contributions. A $5.2 million donation from the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit shareholder of outdoor gear-maker Patagonia, played a pivotal role in making this conservation dream a reality. The Nature Conservancy committed $3 million to the purchase, demonstrating its dedication to preserving natural habitats. An anonymous donor stepped forward with an extraordinary $10 million contribution, showcasing a shared commitment to safeguarding the environment.

To explore the breathtaking beauty of the Land Between the Rivers, watch the video below.

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