The Chicago Rat Hole: A Rat-Shaped Hole Has Become Chicago's Hottest Tourist Attraction

January 20, 2024

A hole in the pavement that is shaped like a rat has become Chicago's hottest new tourist attraction.

This peculiar landmark, fondly dubbed the "Chicago Rat Hole," has captured the fascination of locals and visitors alike, sparking a trend of people making 'pilgrimages' to witness its unique charm.

chicago rat hole
The Chicago rat hole / @WinslowDumaine

Located in the Roscoe Village area of Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago Rat Hole is a distinctive sidewalk hole shaped like a rat (or squirrel). Despite existing for decades, it gained sudden fame as a viral sensation on social media, particularly Twitter, in January 2024.

This newfound attention has turned the site into a tourist attraction, drawing visitors to witness its quirky charm.

chicago rat hole

The hole gained worldwide attention on January 6, 2024, via a tweet by Chicago-based comedian and writer Winslow Dumaine.

The post quickly became viral, compelling many Chicago residents to visit the hole – in what has been described as a "pilgrimage" – and to make offerings to it, such as coins, flowers, candles, cheese, alcohol, toys, and estradiol pills.

The hole was filled in with plaster or cement by an unknown party on January 19, 2024. Local residents attempted to excavate the hole, using their hands and implements such as car scrapers and license plates. Eventually, a woman cleaned out the hole and restored it to its original condition.

There is ongoing debate over the origin of hole. Some locals believe it was actually a squirrel. But the eventual fate of the rodent remains unknown.

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