How Costco Employees Came Together To Rescue A Colleague

January 11, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Cleveland, Ohio.

The dedicated employees at a Costco store near Cleveland, Ohio, are being hailed as heroes for their quick thinking and compassion, which ultimately saved the life of a fellow co-worker.

Costco good news story
Credit: Scripps News Cleveland

The story unfolded one morning when the unidentified employee failed to show up for his scheduled shift at 5 a.m. Concerned for their colleague, the manager, Jesse Orsborn, decided to reach out and make sure everything was okay.

"In situations where someone might oversleep for the early shift, we usually give them a friendly wake-up call, checking if they're on their way. However, this routine check-in took an unexpected turn," shared Orsborn, Costco foods manager. When the employee answered the call, his speech was incomprehensible, and the connection abruptly dropped.

Alarmed by the unusual conversation, Dave Mackin, the assistant general manager at Costco's Mayfield Heights location, explained, "We started calling several times, and each time, it became more apparent that something was seriously wrong. There was mumbling and groaning, and it was evident that he was experiencing a medical emergency."

As events unfolded, it was revealed that the co-worker was in the midst of a stroke. Without wasting any time, the quick-thinking colleagues kept the man on the line while others dialed emergency services. Thanks to their prompt actions, the man was swiftly transported to the hospital and, fortunately, later released. However, it was noted that he faces a challenging road to recovery.

Reflecting on the incident, Mackin emphasized the strong sense of community within the Costco family.

"We take care of our members. We take care of our employees. They mean the world to us," he stated proudly.

Watch the good news video below.

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