'A Big Ol Blubbering Mess': Navy Veteran Tears Up Reading Comments After Café Shares His Story Online

January 9, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Pensacola, Florida.

In Pensacola, a heartwarming story has emerged about a devoted US Navy veteran known as Mr. Lee, whose daily ritual at the Scenic 90 Cafe has captured the community's admiration.

good news veterans
Mr. Lee / Credit: @scenic90cafe / Facebook

Having served in the US Navy for over three decades, Mr. Lee, now in his late 80s, starts each morning with a visit to the local diner for breakfast. Kelli Gomez, a server at the café, has been attending to Mr. Lee for at least a year and shared that he enjoys sitting at the counter, regaling the staff with stories about his life, especially memories involving his wife and children.

His presence at the café, always occupying the first seat at the counter, has become a consistent and cherished part of the staff's daily routine.

A Facebook post featuring a photo of Mr. Lee caught the attention of the online community, drawing focus to his helpful nature. The photo captured Mr. Lee separating coffee filters, a task he began doing after observing the staff's efforts.

"This is Mr Lee. He comes in every day for breakfast (sometimes twice a day), watching us fill the ice bins, squeeze the OJ, and even helps us out separating coffee filters. He loves our company, but we love his even more," the café wrote in the post.

The social media post prompted an outpouring of positive comments.

"Y'all brought tears to Mr. Lee’s eyes!" the café staff wrote in an update. "Today we welcomed Mr. Lee back to his spot for breakfast (and lunch!) and shared your thousands of likes & comments to our post. He teared up, we teared up, and it was a big ol blubbering mess."

veteran cafe birthday
Credit: @scenic90cafe / Facebook

As Mr. Lee approaches his 90th birthday in March 2024, the café has planned a special birthday celebration.

"This March, Mr. Lee is turning 90 years old and we're gonna celebrate! We welcome everyone to send him a birthday card, which we'll collect over the weeks and give to him that morning with a planned celebration! Please drop off a card or mail to: Scenic 90 Cafe, c/o Mr. Lee, 701 Scenic Highway, Pensacola, FL, 32503.

Many of you asked how you can buy him a meal, and y'all are the best! Call us directly at (850) 433-8844 and ask for a manager. We have a gift card set up for him that we can add directly to!"

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