Rod Stewart Brings In 2024 With A £10,000 Tip For Hotel Staff

January 4, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Perthshire, Scotland.

In a heartwarming start to the New Year, music icon Rod Stewart spread the joy of the season with an extraordinary act of kindness at The Gleneagles Hotel.

Stewart, known for his legendary voice and philanthropic spirit, left the hotel staff in awe by tipping them a whopping £10,000 during his New Year's Eve stay.

Sharing his appreciation for the exceptional service he received, Stewart expressed his admiration for the hardworking staff at The Gleneagles.

"I've been lucky enough to stay in some of the top hotels in the world, and the service at Gleneagles is second to none," Stewart remarked in a statement to The Daily Record. "The staff do a terrific job at a very hectic time of the year and deserve every penny. It's Scottish hospitality at its very best."

Stewart, proud of his Scottish and English heritage, chose to celebrate the end of the year in the picturesque surroundings of Perthshire. His gracious gesture not only highlighted his appreciation for the hardworking individuals in the hospitality industry but also served as an inspiration for others to embrace kindness and generosity in the spirit of the New Year.

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