Firefighters Rescue Elf On The Shelf That 'Died' In Accident

December 16, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Roanoke, Virginia.

In a twist of holiday magic, Roanoke County firefighters transformed a potential disaster into a heartwarming lesson on fire prevention, all thanks to an adventurous "elf on the shelf."

elf on the shelf rescued by fire department
Credit: Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Department

Responding to a report of a residential structure fire in northern Roanoke County, firefighters discovered no flames but encountered smoke in the dining room. To their surprise, the source of the issue was none other than an "elf on a shelf" stranded near a light.

"Liam's first words were, 'Elfie died.' And I said, 'Oh my gosh, he did'," said mom, Lindsay Young.

The elf, on a mission to find a vantage point, had become marooned next to the heat-emitting light.

But Elfie didn't die. The firefighters borrowed some of Santa's magic and revived him.

"Units on scene were able to rescue the elf and provide critical care. The elf chose to return to the North Pole while he recovered," the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Before he left, the elf left behind a poignant message of fire prevention for everyone.

"Be respectful of all lights! Both burning flames and shining lights emit heat that's far too hot for our skin. As you keep a watchful eye on your assignment during Christmas time, please follow Roanoke County Fire & Rescue's prevention guidelines to keep you safe from harm."

In a heartening update to the elf's misadventure, a substitute elf named Watt was dispatched first class from the North Pole and personally delivered by RCFRD firefighters.

elf on the shelf rescued by fire department
Credit: Lindsay Young

He arrived with a letter that read, "My name is Wyatt. Santa sent me by first class because your elf had an accident. Lucky for you I am afraid of light bulbs. Santa reassigned you old elf to the fire prevention area and will keep firefighters safe. Make sure to set me out so I can fly back tonight," the letter read.

elf on the shelf rescued by fire department
Credit: Lindsay Young

"Big shout out to North Roanoke County Fire for sneaking this into our front door while we were at Corbin’s wrestling match this evening," Young shared in an update. "It rounded out our story for Liam perfectly! I can not be more grateful for the kindness and grace that they showed me after my unfortunate elf incident earlier today."

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