Brave Farmers Rescue 'Britain's Loneliest Sheep' From Remote Island

November 6, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Scotland.

In an extraordinary display of compassion and resilience, a group of dedicated farmers embarked on a daring rescue mission to save "Britain's loneliest sheep," who had been stranded on a remote island for two long years.

Meet Fiona.

fiona sheep
Fiona / Credit: The Sheep Game @TheSheepGameVlog

Fiona's rescue mission was organized by Cammy Wilson, a sheep shearer from Ayrshire, after seeing media coverage of the sheep's plight.

Wilson was joined by fellow farmers Graeme Parker, Als Couzens, Ally Williamson and James Parker.

The group managed to lift Fiona up an "incredibly steep slope," Wilson said.

"The only difference between us being heroes and idiots is a slip of the foot," he added.

Wilson sheared Fiona, and she is currently residing at Dalscone Farm in Dumfries, Scotland.

"Sheep like Fiona would usually be sheared mid summer so by leaving an inch of wool on she will have the same cover as most of her new friends at Dalscone Farm!" Wilson said. "Fiona’s massive fleece will go to Wooldale Wool to be made into something amazing that we can raffle off for charity."

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