'She's My Hero': Quick-Thinking School Bus Driver Saves Choking Child

October 21, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Dallas, Texas.

A Texas school bus driver is being celebrated as a hero for her swift response in rescuing a seven-year-old boy who found himself in a choking crisis.

good news
Dallas Independent School District

In a heartwarming video capturing the incident, young Preston Bell is seen sharing laughter with his fellow students, only to suddenly place an object in his mouth. Concerned for his well-being, he approached his bus driver, Raquel Radford Baker, as the bus arrived at a Dallas elementary school.

Upon closer examination, Bell seemed unwell and in need of assistance, prompting Baker to recall the moment, saying, "He appeared to be sick, as if he needed to throw up."

However, she soon realized that the situation was far more serious — Preston was choking.

Without hesitation, Baker lifted Bell from the bus and began performing the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the obstruction. With her CPR training, she persisted with multiple rounds of the maneuver until a quarter finally emerged from the child's mouth.

In the aftermath of the incident, a grateful Preston Bell declared, "She's my hero because she saved my life."

Watch the video below.

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