Community Rallies To Replace Stolen Custom Bike For Teen With Autism

October 17, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Spokane, Washington.

In an inspiring demonstration of community solidarity and compassion, the people of Spokane have come together to replace a stolen custom bicycle belonging to a local teenager with autism.

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Gabe on his new bike / Credit:

Late this summer, the 16-year-old boy, known as Gabe, had his beloved custom bicycle stolen while he was riding near his home. For Gabe, this bicycle was much more than a mere mode of transportation; it represented his gateway to freedom and solace, providing him with an outlet to express himself and find tranquility in a world that can often be overwhelming.

"That bike was everything to him," his mother Brenda told KHQ. "He rode it all the time. He told me once, (when he was riding) it was the only time his brain was quiet. That really hit me."

Despite efforts to locate the stolen bicycle, weeks passed, and it remained missing. But that's when the heartwarming twist in this story unfolded.

Upon hearing about Gabe's plight, Cherry Hill BMX and Two-Wheeler Dealer stepped in without hesitation to make a positive impact. These two organizations collaborated to order a brand-new custom bicycle, carefully designed to replicate the features that Gabe cherished in his stolen one.

"To see the joy in a kid's face away from screens and on a bike is something that should never be taken from them," said Eric Emerson, the President of Cherry Hill BMX. "This small act of kindness brings a smile to a kiddo's face, and that's all that we need."

Last week, the new bicycle was personally delivered to the family's home.

For Gabe, the custom bicycle isn't just a means of transport; it's his escape from the sensory overload that often accompanies autism. Riding provides him with a sense of joy and relaxation that is truly invaluable.

"We're so grateful for everyone involved. I cannot tell you what this means to my kid," Gabe's mother, Brenda, said.

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