The Inspiring Annual 600-Mile Journey Of An 80-Year-Old Woman With Her Horse And Dog

October 10, 2023

In an inspiring testament to perseverance and an unbreakable bond with her animal companions, an 80-year-old woman continues her remarkable journey from England to the Highlands, an annual adventure that began more than five decades ago in 1972.

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Credit: SWNS / Youtube

Despite her impaired vision and an eyepatch, Jane Dotchin covers 600 miles across the picturesque landscapes of northern England and Scotland with her loyal dog Dinky nestled in her saddlebag.

Over the years, she has become a beloved figure, forming friendships with business owners and community leaders along the way.

Her journey spans 15 to 20 miles each day, with nights spent camping in a tent during the seven-week-long adventure.

Jane sustains herself with a simple diet of porridge, oatcakes, and cheese, relying on an old mobile phone with a six-week battery life—though finding a signal can be challenging in remote areas.

Watch the good news video on Jane below.

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