Hospital Throws Surprise Homecoming Dance For Teen Cancer Patient

September 29, 2023

A Huron High School senior, who was unable to attend her much-anticipated homecoming due to a recent brain surgery, received a heartwarming surprise when the hospital staff brought the homecoming festivities to her.

homecoming at hospital
Cleveland Clinic / Facebook

Last Friday, donning a dazzling pink dress and accompanied by her father, Megan Krafty experienced the joy of homecoming right within the hospital walls.

Her boyfriend, Tommy, brought her a pink rose and a matching corsage.

homecoming at hospital
Cleveland Clinic / Facebook

Megan's love for Christmas was not overlooked by the caring staff at the Cleveland Clinic, who went above and beyond to make the event truly special.

"They decorated the gym in a Christmas theme; it was all about her. It was called 'ho, ho, homecoming' last Friday, and I think we were all just so surprised at the care they put into this whole event," said Jill Edwards, Megan's mother.

The hospital staff ensured that Megan had the chance to experience those cherished moments she had been looking forward to, including sharing a dance with Tommy on the hospital's dance floor.

This heartwarming event came after Megan's recent brain surgery, during which doctors successfully removed 70% of a glioma tumor the size of a golf ball. The community rallied around Megan during her recovery, showing unwavering support.

In a touching display of unity and encouragement, the Huron Police and Fire Department, the high school's football and volleyball teams, neighbors, friends, Megan's entire family, and the Huron High School marching band lined the streets, cheering for her as she made her way back home on Wednesday afternoon.

Watch the good news video below.

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