Police Officer's Timely Intervention Saves Pit Bull From Flood Waters

September 26, 2023

An officer from the Greenville Police Department in North Carolina emerged as a true hero when he rescued a pit bull from the brink of disaster during the onslaught of tropical storm Ophelia early Saturday morning.

police save dog drowning from flood
Greenville, NC Police Department

According to official reports from the Greenville Police Department, the dog was perilously close to drowning while tied to a fence as the storm's torrential rains and strong winds swept through the city.

As seen in the video below, Officer B. Schultz arrived just in time to free the dog and carry it to safety.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, the police department expressed their gratitude to the anonymous Good Samaritan who reported the situation, emphasizing that without their intervention, the pit bull's survival would have been in doubt.

"The dog, a small pit bull, was tied to a fence and was just inches from drowning. He is safe from harm now and Animal Protective Services will be conducting a follow up investigation. Thank you to the Good Samaritan who called this in! Without you, he wouldn’t be alive," the department wrote in the post.

Thanks to Officer Shultz's heroic efforts, the rescued pit bull is now safe and sound.

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