Heroes In Action: Atlanta Officer And Firefighter's Dramatic Flood Rescue

September 19, 2023

Amidst a deluge of heavy rain and flash floods that inundated downtown Atlanta on September 14th, two local heroes emerged as saviors.

Atlanta Police Officer Rayando Bryan and Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Captain Terrance Simon are being praised for their swift and selfless actions.

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Credit: 11Alive / YouTube

Officer Bryan was on duty when he came upon a distressing scene on Peachtree Street, near Atlanta's Public Safety Headquarters, submerged under rapidly rising floodwaters. There, he noticed a vehicle partially submerged, with Captain Simon bravely attempting to rescue the trapped driver.

"We had been out there for a few minutes, and the water was over four-and-a-half feet deep, so we had to act quickly," Capt. Simon recounted to FOX 5.

The floodwaters had risen to a perilous level, causing the vehicle to become suspended above the ground, making its doors unmovable. Without hesitation, Officer Bryan ventured into the treacherous waters to assist in the rescue.

Employing his baton, he broke the driver-side window, creating an escape route for the stranded motorist. Together, the police officer and fire captain successfully extricated the driver from the dire situation.

"I told them, 'Thank you for everything; you saved me that day.' I told him that specifically," expressed Bernard Johnson, the rescued driver, to FOX 5.

Watch the police bodycam footage below.

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