Bachelor Party Rescues Missing Dog From Mud By Minnesota River

August 21, 2023

A bachelor party along the Minnesota River took an unexpected turn when the group of friends turned into real-life heroes by rescuing a missing dog trapped in mud.

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Credit: WCCO - CBS Minnesota

Shaun Cox, captain of the Carver Fire Department, said a bachelor party out on a canoe ride heard a dog bark a few feet off the water in the muddy riverbank and were shocked to see only a dog's head sticking out of a mud pit.

The group of 11 men dug for over half an hour to get the 13-year-old St. Bernard out of the mud.

"The dog wasn't moving on its own," said Mitch White, the bachelor. "So we were feeding it and giving it water. But the dog seemed like it had already used up all of its energy."

The dog, named Ed, had been missing for over a day according to his owner.

"His owner said he was missing for over a day, so it's conceivable he might have been stuck for 24 hours or so," Cox said.

Ed was eventually rescued by the group of canoers with the help of the Carver Fire Department.

"Poor guy was unable to walk when we got him out of the mud, so we carried him back up to the house," Cox said.

Watch the good news video below.

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