Charlottesville Cops Score Big: Viral Video Shows Police Playing Street Basketball With Kids

August 18, 2023

A group of Charlottesville police officers recently turned a routine patrol into a memorable experience for local kids as they joined in an impromptu game of street basketball.

The heartwarming interaction was captured on video and has since gone viral.

police play basketball with kids in community
Credit: Charlottesville Police Department

Officer Michael Darby said he was driving by, saw the kids outside and staring chatting with them.

Moments later there was a three-on-three basketball game between the officers and kids.

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Charlottesville police say their ultimate mission is to connect with their community on all levels.

"I think it's really important. I think just showing kids, especially just because with the news and everything, it's not always good, you know. I just share with people that we're people just like them," said Officer Sydney Love-Baker, one of the officers in the video.

"It's good to show them the good side of policing and how to build better relationships within the community," added Officer Darby.

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