This Woman Has Spent 3 Days Crawling Through Cockroach-Infested Storm Drains To Rescue Puppies

July 31, 2023

A Houston woman has spent three grueling days crawling through cockroach-infested storm drains to rescue a litter of helpless puppies trapped deep within the city's sewers.

woman rescues puppies in sewers
Callie Clemens / Credit: KHOU 11

The rescue mission began after someone reported seeing a litter of puppies crossing the street, but lost sight of them and could only hear whimpers.

Callie Clemens, her dog Giselle, and a group of volunteers have been scouring storm drains looking for the dogs ever since.

"I can't sleep knowing there are puppies in there going to die," Clemens told KHOU 11.

The group has managed to save two of the lost litter. Clemens said there are two others underground that she can still hear.

The volunteers have been using dog sounds on their phones in hopes that they can get some type of response from the remaining puppies.

"I know they're still in there, I just think they're further down," Clemens said.

Throughout the weekend, the volunteers have waded through unpleasant water and braved nests of cockroaches in their quest to locate the lost puppies.

Watch the local news video below.

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