Pizza Store Owner Goes Above And Beyond For His Community

January 12, 2014

With bitter cold temperatures keeping people indoors, Tom Wynkoop, a pizza shop owner in Ligonier, Pennsylvania offered to make deliveries of prescriptions and other essentials to people with medical problems. And he did so even if they weren't pizza delivery customers.

pizza delivery medications

"It's been a great response. We've helped about a dozen people. It's been a success for us," Wynkoop told Yahoo News in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Tom Wynkoop
Tom Wynkoop /

"What's unique is the great response we've gotten from this," he said. "We've had people call in and make donations to us from California, Arizona and other states. We're just dumbfounded."

Wynkoop plans to donate the money to the local chapter of Meals On Wheels, who was also out delivering food in the freezing cold conditions.

Source: Yahoo News

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