South Africa Sends 200 Firefighters To Canada To Help Battle Wildfires

June 9, 2023

A contingent of 200 South African firefighters has embarked on a mission to Canada to aid in combating the devastating wildfires that have been ravaging the nation.

South Africa firefighters help in Canada
SA Firefighters arrived in Canada / Credit: @wo_fire on Twitter

Beginning in March 2023 and increasing in intensity around June, Canada has been affected by an ongoing record-setting series of wildfires.

Working on Fire (WoF) sent a team of 200 firefighters to Canada's fire-stricken province of Alberta. WoF is a South African government-funded organization that specializes in wildfire management and firefighting.

"Our firefighters arrived in Alberta yesterday morning and tomorrow they will begin active firefighting duties," WoF's Head of Communications Linton Rensburg said.

"South Africa is one of a few countries in the world that has a full-time wildfire firefighting force and the agreement between South Africa and Canada has been longstanding. [It] allows for the exchange in firefighting resources."

The WoF's presence will provide much-needed relief to the overwhelmed Canadian firefighters, who have been stretched thin in their efforts to control the spread of wildfires and protect affected communities.

This collaborative effort between South Africa and Canada serves as a testament to the power of global cooperation in tackling environmental challenges.

The U.S. has sent hundreds of firefighters to Canada over the past few weeks and has said more help is on its way.

Help has also come in from Australia, and New Zealand.

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