Dog Shot During Robbery Is Given A Hero's Send-Off At Hospital

June 8, 2023

A courageous canine named Luck was celebrated by his community after making a triumphant recovery from a harrowing robbery incident that left him injured.

dog shot by robber video
Credit: @GoodNewsCorres1 / Twitter

The resilient golden retriever was shot during the robbery attempt and he spent 54 days in the hospital.

Local residents, touched by his story, rallied together to support his journey towards healing.

After three successful surgeries and weeks of intensive treatment and rehabilitation, Luck finally received the green light to leave the hospital.

As he stepped outside, a crowd of well-wishers greeted him with applause and cheers.

Tears of joy flowed freely as Luck wagged his tail, basking in the love and adoration bestowed upon him.

"That hero walks on four legs," one commenter wrote.

"The man giving genuine hugs and the dog watching and waiting at the end," another user commented.

The video of Luck and his owner leaving the hospital has garnered more than 4 million views on social media.

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