An 84-Year-Old Woman Is Working Toward Her GED After Her Husband Passed Away

May 3, 2023

An 84-year-old woman is proving that it is never too late to learn and achieve your goals.

84 year old woman GED
Pitt Community College / Facebook

Shirley Jones decided to work toward her GED at Pitt Community College in Greenville, North Carolina after her husband passed away.

"Ms. Jones has lived in Greenville, NC her entire life and has 2 daughters and 1 grandchild. She recalls coming to PCC Orientation and getting started on her GED after her husband's passing," the college said in a release.

This week, Shirley was inducted into the National Adult Honors Society.

"When asked what she liked most about PCC, Ms. Jones stated that she loved the personalities of the students and how nice everyone is. She also gives credit to her success to her teacher Mr. Mizelle and coordinator Sissy Grubbs," the college said.

"She tells students that PCC is the best college and that she got to where she is today by believing in herself and her dreams!"

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