Ravens' Fan Buys 20 Lamar Jackson Jerseys To Give To Young Fans Who Can't Afford One

May 1, 2023

A Baltimore Ravens fan purchased 20 Lamar Jackson jerseys and plans to hand them out to young fans.

Ravens fan buys lamar jackson jerseys for kids
Perry Schafer / Credit: @MarkWJZ

Perry Schafer, a Ravens fan from Glen Burnie, Maryland, has been a Ravens fan since he was a child.

He told WJZ's Mark Viviano that when he was a kid, he was a big fan of Ravens' legend Ray Lewis, and that it meant so much to him when he got a No. 52 Lewis jersey.

"He remembers the feeling and how expensive the jersey was- esp for a kid," Viviano wrote on Twitter. "He now wants young fans to have that feeling, esp if they can’t afford it."

Why Lamar Jackson?


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Schafer said he appreciates that Lamar Jackson uses his profile as an NFL star to give thanks and praise to God.

"Schafer says it's his way of paying tribute to Lamar for expressing his faith- serving as a role model for young fans," Viviano said.

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