Garbage Man's Act Of Kindness Reunites Bride With Family Heirloom

April 14, 2023

A garbage man's act of kindness helped reunite a bride with her precious family heirloom.

Brittany Thompson lost her late grandmother's bracelet the night of her wedding.

Once the bride realized she didn't have her bracelet, she panicked. Friends and family helped her recall every move from her big night. She felt it might have fallen in the hay from a photo op.

The couple drove to the venue the next morning but it was too late. All of the trash had been picked up.

But there was a sliver of hope when the couple spotted the Waste Pro garbage truck. After explaining the situation to the driver, Jeff called his supervisor and asked for permission to search through the trash.

While digging through the trash, Thompson almost claimed defeat. But she saw hay sticking out of a white bag.

"And as I kept pulling stuff out of that bag sure enough in one of the handfuls there was the bracelet," said Thompson.

Watch the news video below.

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