Skier Rescues Snowboarder Buried Beneath Snow In Dramatic Video

April 4, 2023

A skier saved the life of a snowboarder who had become trapped underneath a pile of snow in northern Washington.

man saves snowboarder buried under snow
Francis Zuber

Francis Zuber was skiing at Mt. Baker Ski Area when a "flash of color" in the snow caught his attention. He quickly realized someone was buried under the snow.

"I only caught a glimpse of his board but it was enough to get my attention," Zuber told Fox 13.

Ian Steger said he was snowboarding through the trees and the snow collapsed behind him, knocking him into the deep snow head-first.

Zuber's GoPro footage shows him working frantically to clear enough snow for Steger to be able to breathe. Although Zuber seems calm in the video, he said he was "freaking out" internally.

"It was really frightening," he said. "I mean, adrenaline is one heck of a drug."

After about three minutes of digging, Zuber was able to clear enough snow for Steger to breathe.

"It was kind of just dumb luck that he came upon me. But, he did find me and he did all the right things," Steger said.

"I've told him how grateful I am that he was there and he had saved my life, how grateful my fiancé is."

Watch the GoPro video of the rescue below.

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