Man Scales A Building To Save A Toddler Who Fell From A Window

March 11, 2023

A man in eastern China's Jiangsu province scaled a building with his bare hands to rescue a toddler who had fallen out of an apartment window.

The footage was captured by a bystander.

man scales building to save child

The child landed on a balcony after falling out of the window. He was in danger of falling again.

That's when the passerby sprung into action, climbing a pipe and leaping over a gap to reach the ledge.

The man tied a rope around the boy and then helped lift him up to the window he fell from — again climbing up part of the way to make sure he got inside safely.

He then climbed back down the pipe and went on his way.

The child only suffered minor scratches, according to the South China Morning Post.

Watch the video below.

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