'God Really Watched Over Me': Hero Sprints Across Highway To Save Driver In Distress

February 8, 2023

A Massachusetts man is being hailed as a hero after sprinting across four lanes of highway traffic to save a driver in distress.

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Adolfo Molina Burgos / @adolfomolinaburgos

Adolfo Molina Burgos was driving on Interstate 93 with a friend to pick someone up at Logan International Airport in Boston when he spotted a blue car dangerously crossing lanes. The driver was unconscious behind the wheel.

"I realized that the woman was unconscious and dizzy, colliding with the wall," Burgos said.

He immediately pulled over his truck and ran across the highway to help. Once he caught up fully with the car, he realized the passenger door was locked.

Eventually another driver was able to help Burgos bring the vehicle to a stop.

"We started pushing the car towards the railing on the side so it wouldn't go back on the highway and cause an accident," Burgos said.


The car eventually came to a stop. First responders arrived soon after and took the driver to a nearby hospital.

When Burgos returned home he fell asleep for a couple of hours, unaware that hundreds of thousands of people were watching what he had done. Another motorist had filmed his heroic deed and uploaded it to TikTok. The video immediately went viral.

When asked by the local news about risking his own life to save a stranger, Burgos said he felt protected in that moment.

"I think it was something from God because I didn't even see any of the other cars during that time," he said.

"I think God really watched over me."

Watch the good news video below.

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