'He Is Saving Me Money And Helping': Boy Sells Fresh Eggs To Local Bakery

February 7, 2023

An 11-year-old is supplying a local bakery with farm-fresh eggs for half the price.

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Rylen and Courtney / Credit: Fox News

Courtney Johnson is the owner of Sweet Anna's Bakery in Dallas, North Carolina. She has been struggling lately as egg prices have skyrocketed.

Rylen Robbins and his family own 21 chickens that produce on average 19 eggs per day. His father recently posted on social media about having a surplus of eggs. Johnson saw the post and asked to purchase -- all of them.

"He had posted that Rylen Robbins had some eggs, and egg prices just kept going up every week and I just couldn’t do it anymore, so I reached out and said, 'I will take as many as you can give me'," Johnson said.

"The highest I've seen has been about $6 to $7 a dozen," she said about grocery store egg prices. "He is cheaper at three dollars a dozen."

Robbins is just happy to be earning money with the egg sales.

"He is saving me some money and helping, and I love helping him, so thank you so much, Rylen," Johnson said.

"Thank you for making me money," he replied.

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