He Prayed For Help. Two Days Later, A Random Encounter Changed His Life Forever

February 3, 2023

Late last year, a North Dakota couple performed an act of kindness for a man in a wheelchair.

That kindness ended up being life-changing for both parties involved.

couple helps homeless man
Amy and Wayne / Credit: Amy Hartsoch Facebook

Just before Christmas, Amy and her husband Erik were visiting Rapid City, South Dakota from Ray, North Dakota. While driving to their hotel they spotted a man struggling to get up the hill in his wheelchair.

"It was very icy. It was so cold. He only had one leg," Amy told KFYR.

The couple pulled over and helped push Wayne up the hill. That's when they learned he was homeless and staying in a nearby motel where someone had paid for his room for a couple of nights.

"I was on my second night at a motel which was going to be my last night," Wayne said. After that, he would be back on the streets in the freezing weather.

"Hearing more about his story, I just couldn't walk away quite yet," Amy said.

The couple decided to pay for his room for another week.

"I wasn't expecting the blessing," Wayne said.

Amy shared about the encounter on Facebook. She asked if anyone could donate a little money to extend his stay at the motel this winter.


Friends and family quickly donated more than $6,300 -- enough to keep Wayne warm in that motel until the middle of April. They also bought him food and a new wheelchair.

Amy posted the good news on her Facebook page.

"Because of the love and generosity of ALL OF YOU.. we raised $6,350 for Wayne!! Wayne is going to stay warm all winter, he's going to sleep inside, get a new wheelchair, have gift cards to eat and some new personal essential items!! THANK YOU For giving and helping someone in need!" she said.

Wayne said he ultimately hopes to transition from the motel into an apartment, and he is grateful for Amy and Erik's help.

Amy said he told her he'd prayed for help two days before he met her.

"I'm a man of faith. God brought Amy into my life," he said.

"God is real, He is here, He is at work!" Amy said. "It encourages my heart to not lose hope and to keep listening when God nudges me to act on something."

"We might not be able to change the whole world, but we can change the world for one person," she said.

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