'I Got My Family Back': Cat And Woman Reunited In Multi-State Miracle

December 17, 2022

A woman has been reunited with her cat who got lost during a cross country road trip.

Good Samaritans and social media brought the two back together.

woman reunited with cat
Jamie reunited with Tucker / Credit: WXYZ Detroit

Jamie McCall was moving from Florida to Michigan when her beloved cat Tucker got out of her hotel room in Cleveland, Tennessee.

"Tucker got out of the room, ran across the highway, a four lane highway. I didn't even know he was gone until I came back from the Waffle House," McCall told WXYZ Detroit.

After much loss, McCall says her cat means the world to her.

"I just lost my husband a couple years ago to cancer and then my son was murdered at 21 years old," McCall said."Then I lose my friend on a motorcycle and my dad died. Then my brother died of a heart attack. So I've had all of that going on and this cat was my husband's companion cat."


McCall spent hours searching for the cat but had no luck. She made it to Michigan she was devastated.

"I was so distraught about (the loss of my cat that) I contacted my friend Amanda and asked her do you think it would be worthwhile for us to search the shelters in Cleveland, Tennessee? She said, 'Jamie put it on Facebook,'" McCall said.

McCall says she made a post on Facebook. About a week later, she connected with a woman named Holly Lea who found the cat and had been caring for it. Lea says she and McCall were in contact for about six weeks as she arranged for her grandfather, who is a truck driver, to bring the cat to Michigan.

good news stories
Credit: WXYZ Detroit / ABC News

McCall says it was the best Christmas present she could have received.

"I got my family back. This is my family," a tearful McCall said. "This is overwhelming. Good people, really good people. I mean, who would take in a cat and return it hundreds of miles away. It's just overwhelming for me."

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