Mackenzie Scott Donates Her Two Beverly Hills Mansions Worth $55 Million To Charity

September 9, 2022

American novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has donated two Beverly Hills homes to charity for a total of $55 million.

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MacKenzie Scott / Photo credit: Elena Seibert

Last month, the California Community Foundation (CCF) announced that Scott, 52, donated "two single-family residences valued at $55 million".

She transferred the two Beverly Hills mansions to the foundation on July 29.

The first home was purchased by Scott and her ex-husband Jeff Bezos in 2007 for $24.45 million. The second home was purchased by the couple in 2017 for $12.9 million.

"The cost of housing stands out as one of the most critical issues affecting the lives of millions of Los Angeles residents. A priority for Ms. Scott, the primary focus of the $55 million will be to permanently endow grantmaking efforts to benefit Angelenos in need of affordable housing," CCF said in a statement.

Scott, whose estimated net worth is $37 billion, still owns 4% of Amazon after selling $8.5 billion in company stocks. She has so far donated more than $12 billion to charitable causes and groups.

Earlier this year, Scott donated $436 million to Habitat for Humanity.

Last year she announced donations of $2.7 billion to nearly 300 organizations.

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