Filmmaker Hired To Make Promo For New Ben Stiller Movie Spends $25K Budget On Philippines Typhoon Aid

December 18, 2013

20th Century Fox contacted filmmaker Casey Neistat to make a promotional video for the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty starring Ben Stiller. The budget was $25,000.

casey neistat Philippines

"Mitty is a movie about chasing a dream and they wanted me to make a movie about chasing a dream," said Neistat. "I am a big dreamer but at that time only one thing came to mind. If I could do anything in the world right now what would it be? That's to help the victims of the typhoon. I replied to 20th Century Fox that the only movie I wanted to make is one where I give away the budget to those in need. I still don't understand how or why but they agreed."

There was no crew, just Neistat and his best friend, Oscar. The pair launched their own relief mission helping distribute food and medical supplies.

filmmaker spends budget on Philippines relief

"Never have I met such people with the resilience of these typhoon victims," Neistat said. "There was one thing that stuck out, one big huge tiny thing, that was. Of everyone we were face to face with, thousands of people, not once, at anytime for any reason did anyone complain. No one. Their focus was on rebuilding and healing, not sympathy."

Here is the promotional video they created:


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