Mother Elephant Rescued With CPR As Man Jumps Up And Down On Her Chest

July 16, 2022

Vets took swift action to rescue a mother elephant and her calf that fell into a drain in Thailand.

Rescuers had to perform CPR on the mother to save her life.

cpr on elephant
Thailand Wildlife Conservation Division

The incident began when a baby elephant had fallen into a manhole on Wednesday in Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand. The frantic mother refused to leave its side.

When the rescue team arrived, they used anesthetic shots to subdue the mother elephant, but the startling commotion resulted in her halfway falling into the muddy hole.

The mother fainted, presumably due to stress.

Heart-wrenching video footage shows staff members jumping up and down on the mother's body in an attempt to perform CPR and resuscitate her while her baby nervously squealed.

Their efforts paid off. The mother ended up walking away with her baby.

Watch the video below.

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