Principal With His Students Turns Indian School Into A Green Oasis With Over 300 Plant Species

June 28, 2022

A school in northern India has been transformed into a green oasis, thanks to the efforts and leadership of the school principal.

green school
Credit: Times Of India

Headmaster Mohammad Shahid has been working hard to create his garden on the campus for over a decade.

Spread over the 5,500 square-foot area you will find over 300 species of plants.

"I initially started growing plants in the school as a hobby," Shahid said. "Later, gram pradhans and villagers supported the initiative. Students have remained the biggest support. Under my supervision, they have worked hard to nurture the plants. It is also a great learning process for them and they enjoy it."

Sahid even travels the 2.5 miles to the school on weekends and holidays to tend to the garden.

green school
Credit: Times Of India

In the garden you will find medicinal plants including chinaberry, kigelia, sudarshan, arjuna, drumstrick, tulsi and neem.

There's a variety of fruits and vegetables like mango, lemon, banana, mulberry, bottleguard, beans, cauliflower, tomato, garlic and onion.

Sunflower, rose, jasmine and a variety of seasonal flowers add color to the campus.

The garden also attracts bees and wildlife.

"Recenty a peahen laid six eggs," a student said. "We have placed pots filled with water at various places to quench the thirst of the birds."

Watch the video below.

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