Horse That Never Won A Race Won Many Hearts

May 7, 2022

"Zippy loved being a race horse, he just wasn't any good at it."

A racehorse named Zippy Chippy never came close to winning any race, but he won plenty of hearts along the way.

Zippy Chippy
Zippy Chippy / Credit: Samantha Decker

When it comes to racehorse breeding, genetics is critical.

To understand the importance of genetics in horseracing lets look at some of the winners of the Kentucky Derby. A total of twelve Kentucky Derby winners have sired Derby winners, including three triple crown winners who have gone on to sire Kentucky Derby winners.

Zippy was born into a racing royal family. His grandfather was a Kentucky Derby winner. But I guess he didn't get that "racing" gene.

Zippy lost every race he entered. He finished his racing career with a record of 0-100.

Last month he passed away at the age of 31. Now, he's finally being celebrated.

Watch the video below.

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